Cage materials - Material Ideal for Your Needs

T45 and CDS are the two materials Custom Cages uses for construction of its roll cages. Both meet FIA standards and feature excellent bending and welding qualities.

T45, High Tensile Carbon Manganese Steel, is much stronger than CDS. Its tensile strength is 700N/mm2, two thirds higher than for CDS, while its minimum yield strength (the point at which the material begins to deform), at 620N/mm2, is almost two times higher than that of CDS.

What does it mean for you? Certified roll cages constructed from T45 providing the same strength as the ones from CDS are much lighter due to thinner wall tube. As a result, between two roll cage models made from T45 and CDS could be even 10kg weight difference! Searching for your model, you may notice that sometimes the weight of the two types is similar, please note that the T45 cage will be significantly more durable.

Unfortunately, as it often is the case in motorsport accessories, lower weight comes at a higher cost, thus T45 is dedicated to the higher end of motorsport and is preferred by professional teams.

Cold Drawn Seamless Carbon Steel (CDS) is the less durable alternative to T45 and is widely used in budget conscious construction of competition cars.

All our roll cages arrive to you as a kit of unpainted bent tubes with profiled ends ready to be assembled and mounted with all the necessary steel reinforcing plates specified by FIA.

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