Cage elements

The following section offers a quick guide to the function of each tube and its part in making the roll cage as strong and safe as possible.

A post gusset

Improves strength as the cage A pillar can be welded to the screen pillar (not applicable to all models). View image

Dash bar

Improves rigidity of a roll cage and its side impact strength. View image

Door X bars

Upgrades single door bar, significantly increasing side impact protection and door aperture stiffness. View image

Front cross

Designed specifically to improve lateral stiffness of strut tops and bulkhead. View image

Hoop to A pillar tube

Significantly improves support for A pillars at roof level. View image

Hoop cross

Introduced as obligatory by the latest regulations, this x section provides improvement of roll over protection. View image

Lower rear stay

Improves rigidity of construction by triangulating loads from the rear struts. View image

Mid rear stay

It has dual function: improving rigidity of rear section and increasing side impact strength. View image

Rear strut brace

Enhances body shell stiffness alongside improving handling by feeding suspension loads into the base of the roll cage. In some car models, it can be used for fixing seat harness. View image

Rear X

Provides more strength and rigidity to the roll cage construction than the simple diagonal tube, also further supporting rear departments. View image

Roof cross or roof 'V'

Enhances roll cage rigidity thus provides more safety in the event of a roll over. A must have for those of you who have later model rally cars. View image

Screen pillar support

Required by the latest FIA regulations, this tube provides additional support to the top of the A pillar/roof section, especially significant for latest generation saloons with a steeply raked windscreen. View image

Seat harness tubes

Necessary for mounting wrap-over seatbelts, these tubes provide higher levels of safety owing to shorter belt length and its better angle. View image

Single roof diagonal

Provides less protection than a full roof cross but is significantly lighter. According to FIA standards – acceptable for race cars. View image

Triangulation tubes to front struts

Protects driver's feet and allows the connection between the front suspension and the cage structure, transferring its loads onto the entire cage. What is more it increases roll cage's side impact absorption and further supports the A pillars/lateral hoops, improving their load capacity. View image

Tunnel brace

Useful in further support of the main hoop in the event of a roll over. Increases side impact protection. View image


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