Roll Cage Certification

In order to participate in any kind of race or rally competition you have to comply with MSA or FIA regulations. In fact, the FIA governs the MSA, thus a roll cage complying with FIA standards should be eligible for MSA events. Yet, keep in mind that there are exceptions and it may happen that FIA allows particular designs, which MSA does not, or the other way round.

The MSA/FIA technical regulations that apply to roll cages are published in the MSA Blue Book. Before taking part in any sort of competition ensure that your roll cage meets the technical requirements of the event.

As a rule, lighter roll cages are allowed in the certification process, since they are bespoke designs with each tube's diameter and thickness optimised to meet the strength required by the FIA or MSA requirements.

If you want to compete in MSA/FIA events, your car needs a certified roll cage design with a copy of the certificate to show to the scrutineers. All roll cages produced by Custom Cages comply with standards imposed by MSA/FIA. Most of the roll cage models have already been certified by Custom Cages while those who have not receive a Letter of Conformity to present at scrutineering.

In order to attain a Custom Cages certificate for a self-fit roll cage, the installer has to complete our Custom Cages weld test.

How do you do it?

In the kit you got from Custom Cages you will find a weld test sample, which after completing you should send back to the producer for load testing. There, it will undergo a physical test aiming at assessing the yield strength of the weld, ensuring highest standards of integrity. Custom Cages may request additional samples for accurate results.

Only successful completion of the test provides issuing of a certificate.

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