Frequently Asked Questions

What is a kit?

A kit includes all the elements needed for successful mounting a roll cage, including tubes with profiled ends and footplates.

Is my roll cage assembled?

No, it's not. The kit contains everything you need for roll cage construction but none of the elements are assembled or welded.

Which type of welding should be used?

You can use either TIG (tungsten inert gas) or MIG (metal inert gas) for welding the roll cage, but mind that CDA should be welded with A18, while T45 with A31 or A32 filler rod/wire.

Is the cage painted?

No, it is not. It has to be welded together first.

For which type of competition is my roll cage eligible?

You need to be aware of the specific requirements that your roll cage has to meet in order to be eligible for particular events. For higher levels of motorsport such as international events you may need more sophisticated roll cage than for track day events. You should make sure that the cage design chosen by you meets the event's or championship's regulations.

If the cage is suitable for a UK competition is it eligible for use on the Continent?

No, it does not need to mean that. You should verify it with the appropriate authority.

Are CDS and T45 suitable for particular types of competition?

No, they are both suitable for all types of motorsport.

In a few years, when the regulations get stricter, will my roll cage be out-dated?

No, the rules are not applied retrospectively.

Can historic cages be welded in?

Yes, it has been permitted since 2005.

Is it true that when it comes to historic cars you are now allowed eight mounting points roll cages?

Yes, but it depends upon the design. MSA events allow up to 14 mounting points.

Do adding extra tubes to the basic historic cage violate the rules?

No, the FIA regulations allow you to fit any of configurations in the current Appendix J but for front triangulation.

Do I have to modify my roll cage to suit HANS device?

No, almost all roll cages that have an integral seat harness tube are suitable for use with Hans devices.

What about the spare wheels?

Each of our latest designs' construction allows spare wheels to be fitted behind the driver's seat.

Do I need to specify race or rally when ordering?

You are welcome to, as with the specification we can make sure that our advice will be more useful to you.

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