Whole sole

Among the companies offering team equipment as well as parts and accessories necessary for construction of sports cars, Cronic, the owner of is one of the most rapidly developing companies in East Europe. We are official distributors of brands such as CustomCages, Sparco and Simoni Racing. What is more, as one of only 3 companies in Europe, Cronic is proud to be official partner of one of the biggest automotive wholesalers in Europe – Sandtler GmbH.

If you run a shop or a garage and you wish to expand your range of products to roll cages or other goods offered by our shop, please feel encouraged to contact us by email. We are open to various forms of cooperation. Details of cooperation shall be discussed after you have forwarded your company’s profile and relevant documents to our email.

As company professionally present on the automotive market for nearly a decade we offer you broad knowledge in the field, experience and flexibility in contractual relationships. Huge stock and excellent relations with our trade partners allow us to minimize the delivery time of ordered goods.

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