Club Roll Cage Kits

Club Kits are available for every car model in our selector and are dedicated to budget conscious competitors.

Club Roll Cages are ideal for you if:
You are looking for a more economic option than our ‘off-the-shelf’ models and meet your requirements at the same time
You do not need a complete cage
You want the freedom of fitting as many or as few tubes as the Regulations allow

Custom Cages offers you four options here - CL1, CL2, CL3, CL4, simply choose the one that suits you best, having in mind that CL4 is a six-point cage design.

About Club kits:
Only weld-in roll cages
Constructed from CDS
Diameter of the tubes – 45mm, wall thickness – 2.5mm
In the kit you will find profiled tubes and footplates
An extra 1.5m long CDS tube can be added - contact us for me details.

Important - Club Kits do not possess any FIA documentation, while a Letter of Conformity is available exclusively for CL4 kits.

If you have any questions or you would like to order a club roll cage for your car, please feel encouraged to contact us.

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