Cage types

The type of roll cage you need is inseparably connected with the motorsport discipline you want to compete in. Each discipline requires specified roll cage construction. The FIA regulations ensure a minimum safety standard, enforcing the number of attachment points and strengthening degree for different categories of motorsport.

Bolt-in or welded-in?

Bolt-in roll cages are much easier to fit as they do not require you to be a skilled welder and, most importantly, the cage fixing is not permanent – the cage can be removed if needed to. The tubes do not need painting as they are powder-coated.

Professional teams prefer weld-in roll cages as they provide more body shell rigidity and strength, therefore increased protection. What is more, weld-in roll cages are significantly lighter than the equivalent bolt-in cages. Weld-in roll cages are accepted by the FIA and MSA regulations, with the number and type of fixing points specified for each class of competition. Make sure that the roll cage of your choice meets the requirements needed for the event you want to compete in.

Some designs are available in weld-in or bolt-in option for certain models. The choice of bolt-in variety is advised for historic vehicles, where you may want to be able to remove the roll cage at any time.

Which design is for you?

Custom Cages offers you four basic types of roll cages. Before placing the order, please refer to the model diagram for exact specification and see Cage elements section for more information.


6 point weld-in roll cage with door bars and lateral support bars in the main hoop and between the A pillars.


Higher specification includes cross doors bars, cross diagonals, tunnel brace, harness tubes and triangulation tubes to front struts. Eligible for most events (non-historic) including internationals.

2004 on

Eligible for all international events specification includes main hoop cross, cross in roof section and screen pillar support tubes.

07 International

Complies with new international regulations includes cross in main hoop for additional strength, cross in roof section and screen pillar support tubes. Hans™ device compatible with almost all types of roll cage that has seat harness tubes.

Club Cages – an economic alternative

Club roll cage kits are the ideal option for budget-conscious competitors, especially when a full 'off-the-shelf' cage model is more than required and the competitors want to have the freedom of mounting as many or as few tubes as the regulations allow. Club kits will meet your expectations and allow customizing your roll cage owing to four Club kits options and the possibility of ordering straight lengths of tube for bespoke designs.

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